Divriteņu velosipēds 14 collas Lovely Girl (3.5-5 gadiem)


Net Weight (kg): 9,0
Bruto weight (kg): 10,0
Bell: Yes
Frametype: Girls
Inseam length: 47 – 52 cm
Frame height: 23,5 cm
Handbrakes: Yes
Inch: 14 inch
Chain cover: Closed
Colour: Pink White
Age: 3,5 – 5 jaar
Tires: Yes
Basket/Front carrier: Front basket and rear doll seat
Licentie: Volare
Kickstand: None
Handlebar height: Yes
Coaster brake: Yes
Rims: Steel
Supsension: No
Gears: None
Saddle height from ground: 47 cm
Seat height: Yes
Training wheels: Yes
Frame: Steel
Dress size: 98 – 110
Bullet point 1:

The practical bicycle basket and doll’s seat can carry all important stuff
Bullet point 2:

The pink frame is decorated with beautiful flowers and butterflies
Bullet point 3:

The 14 inch pneumatic tyres make the bicycle suitable for girls between 3.5 and 5 years old with clothing size 98-110
Bullet point 4:

To protect the little fingers, the chain guard is closed
Bullet point 5:

With the removable training wheels, every child can quickly learn how to ride a bike
Box dimension (lxwxh): 114,0 x 18,0 x 55,0 cm

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